Wealth Manager

Wealth Manager

Tailor-made investments to maximize client’s wealth

AQA Capital offers tailor-made wealth management solutions by providing analysts and advisors who are whole-heartedly committed to optimizing client’s portfolio performance. Continuously searching for enigmatic fund managers and multi-asset portfolios, AQA Capital uses different tools to achieve the best possible outcome. Our goal is to protect investments and client wealth, utilizing techniques such as traditional funds, long/short strategies, hedge funds and credit opportunities to attain the best returns.


Our copious effort in state of the art software goes hand-in-hand with the goal to create a truly personalized experience for our clients. In a revolutionized market, where HNWI and UHNWI come from different jurisdictions and financial backgrounds, Malta has tapped into an economic hub and AQA Capital has used this to build a repertoire of clients and connections to expand on the growing market.

Today, AQA Capital is equipped with hands-on experience, making liaisons and connections not only in Europe but around the world to offer:

  • UCITS and AIF funds.
  • Wealth and portfolio management.
  • Anti-money laundering services to protect clients.
  • Expertise on funds in order to centralize the investment process, reduce risks, and optimize tax treatment for investors.
  • Flexibility in investment choices, through an open platform with a wide range of products provided by the best investment houses.
  • Portfolio management diversification.
  • Partnerships with lead custodians, auditors, and network.