Road to lead


AQA Capital three year “Road to Lead” program is aimed at developing talented and hard-working youth into professionals within the financial field. With a vast repertoire of skilled professionals, AQA can provide knowledge and experience across a range of areas in the financial sector, leading candidates to various career progression opportunities.  AQA is interested in ambitious and motivated individuals who think outside the box and are interested in expanding their knowledge whilst gaining exposure to the financial world.

Whilst guiding candidates to reach their personal career results, the “Road to Lead” program offers a myriad of incentives. These include: 

Salary Increments
Individuals who dedicate time and energy into enhancing the Company’s culture and improving its operations shall be remunerated with attractive salary increments. The three-year program therefore offers a clear path of fixed quarterly salary increments to award and motivate those candidates who show satisfactory performance.

Continuous Training 
AQA acknowledges that employee growth and training are vital milestones to efficient corporate culture and company growth. Therefore, participants following the program will be provided with regular training sessions both in-house, via the vast range of professionals working at AQA, and also through independent professionals.

Job Rotation
AQA understands the difficulty of being a new entrant in the largely evolving financial sector, especially when having to select the ideal career path. To aid individuals in this decision, the first two years of the “Road to Lead” program will offer a job rotation opportunity where participants will be exposed to a range of different roles such as, but not limited to, Portfolio Management and Risk Management, providing a clear understanding of each. This will allow participants to fully understand different roles in the financial sector and clearly recognise the preferred career path which will be chosen in the third year of the program.

Expertise Accomplishment
Following completion of the program, candidates which show satisfactory performance and results will be offered full time employment with the Company at a managerial position in the area which they wish to specify.

Individuals having a strong sense of ingenuity, professionalism and a hunger for growth are encouraged to join our corporate culture where they will be offered the best possible opportunity to achieve long- term career goals. Motivated candidates having an accountancy, finance or economics background are invited to submit their Curriculum Vitae to