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Asset Manager


AQA Capital’s methods in UCITS and AIFs are driven by constant monitoring of the ebbs and flows of the market and we aim to protect client wealth at the lowest expense rate possible. AQA Capital’s state of the art Asset Manager plan has been developed with the objective of maintaining transparency with our clients, to provide superior returns that are in line with the client’s personal risk appetite. As a management company whose goal is to maximize client wealth, AQA Capital’s financial analysts and fund managers are driven by a multidisciplinary approach to offer unique UCITS and AIFs to investors based on almost all asset classes. Through collective experience, fundamental research and quantitative analysis, AQA Capital transcends the changing market and we take our clients along for the journey, investing their wealth into viable UCITS and AIF funds.


AQA UCITS SICAV plc, founded in April 2015, is an open-ended collective investment scheme organised as a limited liability company with variable share capital registered under the laws of Malta and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority in terms of the Investment Services Act (Chapter 370 of the Laws of Malta). LEARN MORE The Company qualifies as a “Maltese UCITS” in terms of the Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities and Management Companies Regulations 2004 (as amended). The sub-funds under the AQA SICAV umbrella, for which AQA acts as the Investment Manager, are:


MDC ASTROLABE SICAV P.L.C. (the “Company”) is a Notified AIF under the Investment Services Act (List of Notified AIFs) Regulations. MDC Astrolabe SICAV p.l.c. is a collective investment scheme established on the 10 November, 2017 as a multi-fund investment company with variable share capital (SICAV) registered and established with limited liability under the laws of Malta, having company registration number SV 461. The Company is a Notified AIF under the ISAct. The sub-funds under the MDC ASTROLABE SICAV P.L.C for which AQA acts as investment manager, are:

Italian Branch

AQA UCITS FUNDS SICAV p.l.c., fondata nell’aprile 2015, è una società di investimento a capitale variabile multi-comparto e multi-classe di diritto maltese (“Sicav”), e con una licenza ottenuta da Malta Financial Services Authority secondo Investment Services Act (Chapter 370 delle Laws of Malta). La società si qualifica come “UCITS” maltese, conformemente alla direttiva “Collective Investment in Transferable Securities and Management Companies Regulations 2004” (as emended). Qui i documenti informativi ed aggiornati relativi a AQA UCITS FUNDS SICAV p.l.c.. Con riferimento all’attività di wealth management, qui si può scaricare l’Informativa Precontrattuale.

AQA Capital Ltd è Global Distributor di AQA UCITS FUNDS SICAV p.l.c.. Gli altri collocatori sul territorio italiano sono Banca Albertini Syz Spa. I comparti di AQA UCITS FUNDS SICAV p.l.c autorizzati al collocamento sul territorio italiano sono i seguenti (disposti a tre per riga come nella sezione esistente sul sito e contenenti le seguenti: