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AQA Capital, a European investment management company
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AQA Capital is an innovative, independent asset management company which provides investment management services and distribution for UCITS and AIF funds, be they internally managed or white label funds. We offer tailor-made investment solutions to partners like banking institutions, family offices and HNWI. Defined by a focus on asset management, AQA Capital is expert in equities, fixed income, alternatives and versatile portfolios. Depending on the desired risk appetite of the client, a multidisciplinary approach based on macroeconomic, fundamental and statistical/quantitative analysis is adopted to optimise returns.

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Age of Aquarius

Our logo incorporates the colour Klein blue, created by French artist Yves Klein, which utilizes aquamarine as a base for its form. The colour reflects not only the serene waters surrounding the island of Malta but also the era we derive our name from, the Age of Aquarius. Categorized by modernity, innovation and independence, the Age of Aquarius echoes our goals: to uphold transparency with our clients, adapt constantly to the ever-changing market and bring new and unique management strategies to our growing repertoire of investors. We address the specific financial needs of our clients, using a multidisciplinary approach based on quantitative, fundamental analysis and macroeconomics to consistently improve and present to our clients the best possible strategies and techniques for their exact financial goals. AQA Capital aims to provide expert management services, particularly but certainly not limited to UCITS and AIFs, catering to corporate and private investors such as banks, family offices and HNWI`s.

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Road to lead


AQA Capital three year “Road to Lead” program is aimed at developing talented and hard-working youth into professionals within the financial field. With a vast repertoire of skilled professionals, AQA can provide knowledge and experience across a range of areas in the financial sector, leading candidates to various career progression opportunities.  AQA is interested in ambitious and motivated individuals who think outside the box and are interested in expanding their knowledge whilst gaining exposure to the financial world.